Critical Praise

What ever the demands, technical or expressive-he met them in smoothly virtuosic fashion.

– Deseret News, Nov. 5, 1994

Zalkind’s sure-footedness…led one patron to blurt out, “that’s impossible”.

– Salt Lake Tribune, July 28, 1990

Zalkind’s performance is a demonstration of power,¬†flexibility, and creativity at the highest level.

– International Trombone Association, October, 2002

Zalkind¬†went…to mind-blowing pyrotechnics on his instrument.

– Sarasota Herald Tribune, January 10, 1998

Utah Symphony Trombonist Larry Zalkind proved to be every bit the artist as the great Dorsey.

– The Macon Telegraph

He presented these works entirely from memory, and displayed a combination of flawless technique and wonderful musicality.

– International Trombone Association Journal, Fall 1998

Incredible tone and amazing technique.

– Salt Lake Desert News

…and Zalkind, without a score, played what the composer described as his “mist technically difficult” composition with dazzling skill and phenomenal grace. It was a class act: Brilliance without flamboyance.

– Salt Lake Tribune, November 7, 1994

Mr. Larry Zalkind took all out breaths away with his astounding solo.

– Salt Lake Tribune, July 23, 1988

…displayed incredible fluidity and control.

– Deseret News, July 27, 1990

Displayed an astounding display of virtuosity.

– Salt Lake Tribune, July 22, 1989

a truly special performance of the Rouse Trombone Concerto performed by Larry Zalkind. The challenging work was played with consummate musicality and breathtaking technique by the veteran soloist, who mixed power and subtlety in a beautiful rendition of the rarely performed piece.

– International Trombone Association; June, 2009